Rector: Reverend Kathryn Windslow, BTh, MPhil

My journey in ministry began back in 1978 when as a teenager growing up in Horsham I felt called by God to be a priest.  At the time no women were ordained but I was lucky to be encouraged in my journey by my wise parish priest.  I read theology at La Sainte Union College in Southampton and then spent a year going through the discernment process as a Chichester diocesan candidate.  In 1984 I began my ministry training at Lincoln Theological College.  I finished in 1986 and began my curacy as a Deaconess in the parish of Littlehampton and Wick.  In 1987 I was one of the first women to be ordained Deacon, and therefore to have the title ‘Reverend’.   There were not a lot of job opportunities in the diocese at the time, so in 1989 I moved to Lincolnshire to be Deacon (later Priest) in Charge of Scotton with Northorpe.  I stayed there for 8 years until I was appointed Principal of the diocese of Lincoln’s Ministry Training Scheme.  I held this post for 5 years until I was licensed as Rector of the parish of Graffoe in December 2002.  Graffoe Parish is a united parish consisting of 6 villages, each with its own church.   I am also currently Assistant Rural Dean and the Bishop of Lincoln’s Advisor for Women in Ministry.  In 2009 I was made a Canon of Lincoln Cathedral, with the prebendal stall of Dunham – my seat in the picture above.  In Lincoln canons wear a ‘lady blue’ cassock, which will be coming with me!

So now my journey takes me back to the diocese where it all began, and to the parish of Storrington.  I am very much looking forward to this new chapter and to working with you all in whatever adventures God has in store for us.  My mum, Valerie, lives in the Rectory with me, along with my two black Labradors, Rubi and Cally. The dogs enjoy the garden and love being nearer to the seaside.  They also love being nearer to my 10 year old niece, Rosie, who lives with her parents, Adrian (my younger brother) and his wife Vicki, in Worthing.

I hope that these few words give you a brief insight into your new Rector and I really look forward to getting to know you and your community in the months and years to come.

Yours in Christ




Hon. Assistant Priest: Revd. Charles Hadley MA

My working life began with the Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation. Having passed my initial banking exams l had a posting in Paris for a year to be followed by three years in Hong Kong. But l wanted to make a final check on a nagging and persistent feeling that l should be ordained. And l was in love. Result: marriage to Felicity and the start of training at theological college all within six months.

Parish ministry in Suffolk, Bracknell and Somerset and working as University Chaplain at Exeter followed. In the meantime, Felicity and l, already Franciscan Tertiaries, had come across the New Communities in France thanks to a Sabbatical in 1992. We were excited by a mission run by the Chemin Neuf Community for couples called CANA and launched CANA in England in 1993.

Having got to know the Chemin Neuf and also experimented with a community group in the parish, we decided to join Chemin Neuf whilst continuing parish and then University work. In 2010 we went full time with Chemin Neuf and had two years in Jerusalem, then came back to run the original Chemin Neuf house at Langport in Somerset.

We came to Storrington in 2014, a decision we have no regrets about! Earlier this year the Bishop agreed to my licensing as a Non Stipendiary (= unpaid!) member of the team at St Mary’s. Although we will often be away at weekends on Community missions, l look forward with Felicity to serving the parish and working with Kathryn and Christine.



Assistant Curate: Revd. Christine Spencer

Hello to you and thank you for the very warm welcome to St Mary’s, Storrington. For those I have already met, I look forward to getting to know you better, and for those I haven’t yet met, I look forward to meeting you soon.

So what about me - well my faith journey began at birth as I was born into a Christian household but it became more developed back in 1976 when I developed a deep desire to know more about the faith that I had been brought up in; I joined my local parish church as a chorister, and spent the next 10 years singing and learning. This desire to understand and develop more did not leave me, and fortunately still hasn’t!

At the time I was making career choices no women were ordained, and so I channelled my calling into becoming a nurse, prior to, at that time, assuming that I would probably become a nun. I was both a registered general nurse and laterally a paediatric nurse with care of the sick and pre-term infant as a specialisation.

I began to take on roles in my local parish, becoming a member of the PCC, the safe-guarding officer and a lay Minister of Communion. I also participated in the Bishop’s Certificate in the quest for more knowledge. However, the thirst for a greater understanding didn’t abate, and finally in 2011 I spoke to my wise parish priest and began to journey through the discernment process in the Chichester Diocese.

Following recommendation for training to the priesthood in a BAP in April 2013, I began my ministerial training at St Stephen’s House in Oxford in October 2013. Training at St Stephen’s House involves undertaking both an academic qualification (validated through Oxford University) as well as more practical formation. This practical formation includes developing the necessary habits and patterns of life as an ordained minister. St Stephen’s House is particularly focused on helping those training to build a regular and spiritual pattern of daily prayer and service to others.

Although I have now left Oxford, my learning is not finished. I still have to complete my degree course and also now the postordination study programme in the Diocese. It is a real joy to be able to remain in the Chichester Diocese and I am very much looking forward to serving my title post here with you all in the parish of St Mary’s, Storrington.

Assistant Curate, St Mary’s Storrington



Church Wardens

Barbara Buchanan  Dennis Cowdrey


Other Offices

Hon Treasurer: David Rice

Hon PCC Secretary: Val Rice

Parish Secretary: Vivien Stuart

Electoral Roll Officer: Michael Taylor

Director of Music: George Jones

Assistant Organists: John Henville, Chrystalle Kersley, Peter Lewis, James Phillips, Simon Whitchurch, Beryl Hardie, Keith Smithers

Footsteps (Sunday School): Jackie Lee

Verger: Michael Taylor

Sacristy Team: Rosemary Wills, Stella Hastings & John Taylor

Captain of Bellringers: John Taylor

Pastoral Scheme: Sylvia Hyams

Recorder: June Sinnock

Readers and Sidesmen: Vera Blake

Church Flowers: Jean Minter

Charities Secretary: Sylvia Hyams

Child Protection Officer: Jackie Lee

Bible Reading Fellowship: Amanda Hislop

Bible Society: Jean Hunt

Christian Aid co-ordinator: Sue Kibblewhite

ACORA Link (countryside and farming issues): vacant