Easter Season Music from the Choir

During the current National Lockdown due to Covid-19, over the Lenten season, the choir have prepared some music for our Easter services.  Individual choir members have sung in the comfort and safety of their own homes to record their individual voice parts, these are then collected and edited together to form the choir that we would hear in church.   Hopefully, it won't be long until can we hear some of our choir sing in church for our services again.    The choir wishes everyone in our parish, near and afar, a very Happy Easter!

Christ is Risen! 
He is risen indeed, alleluia! 

Victory is ours - Easter Choir Anthem

Jesus Christ is risen today - Easter Sunday - Hymn One

Love is his word - Easter 6

Father, I place into your hands

We hail thy presence glorious - Easter 5



Victory is ours
Goodness is stronger than evil;   
Love is stronger than hate;   
Light is stronger than darkness;   
Life is stronger than death;   
Victory is ours through Him who loved us.   
Words: Archbishop Desmund Tutu (b.1931)   
(An African Prayer Book, 1995)   
Music: John Bell (b.1949)    
© 1996 WGRG, Iona Community, G2 3DH  

Jesus Christ is risen today
Jesus Christ is risen today, Alleluia,  
our triumphant holy day, Alleluia,  
who did once, upon the cross, Alleluia,  
suffer to redeem our loss. Alleluia.  
Hymns of praise then let us sing Alleluia,  
unto Christ, our heavenly King, Alleluia,  
who endured the cross and grave, Alleluia,  
sinners to redeem and save. Alleluia.  
But the pains that he endured Alleluia,  
our salvation have procured; Alleluia,  
now above the sky he's King, Alleluia,  
where the angels ever sing. Alleluia.  
Words: Author unknown, possibly translated from  
Latin by John Walsh for Lyra Davidica,1708.  


Love is his word
Love is his word, love is his way, 
feasting with all, fasting alone, 
living and dying, rising again, 
love, only love, is his way. 

Richer than gold is the love of my Lord: 
better than splendour and wealth. 
Love is his way, love is his mark, 
sharing his last Passover feast, 
Christ at the table, host to the twelve; 
love, only love, is his mark. 
Love is his mark, love is his sign, 
bread for our strength, wine for our joy, 
‘This is my body, this is my blood.’ 
Love, only love, is his sign. 
Love is his sign, love is his news, 
‘Do this,’ he said, ‘lest you forget 
all my deep sorrow, all my dear blood.’ 
Love, only love, is his news. 
Love is his news, love is his name, 
we are his own, chosen and called, 
sisters and brothers, parents and kin. 
Love, only love, is his name. 
Love is his name, love is his law, 
hear his command, all who are his: 
'Love one another, I have loved you.' 
Love, only love, is his law. 
Love is his law, love is his word: 
love of the Lord, Father and Word, 
love of the Spirit, God ever one, 
love, only love, is his word. 
Words & Music: Luke Connaughton (1917-1979) 
Tune: CRESSWELL Anthony Milner (1925-2002)  
© McCrimmon Publishing Co. Ltd 

Father, I place into your hands
Father, I place into your hands
the things that I can’t do,
Father, I place into your hands
the times that I've been through.
Father, I place into your hands
the way that I should go,
for I know I always can trust you.  

Father, I place into your hands
my friends and family.
Father, I place into your hands
the things that trouble me.
Father, I place into your hands
the person I would be,
for I know I always can trust you.   

Father, we love to seek your face,
we love to hear your voice.
Father, we love to sing your praise
and in your name rejoice.
Father, we love to walk with you
and in your presence rest,
for we know we always can trust you.  

Father, I want to be with you
and do the things you do.
Father, I want to speak the words
that you are speaking too.
Father, I want to love the ones
that you will draw to you,
for I know that I am one with you.  

Words & Music: Jenny Hewer
© 1975 Kingsway’s Thankyou Music 
Played and sung by Andrew from the choir.


We hail thy presence glorious
We hail thy presence glorious,
O Christ our great high priest,
o'er sin and death victorious,
at thy thanksgiving feast:
as thou art interceding
for us in heaven above,
thy Church on earth is pleading
thy perfect work of love.

Through thee in every nation
thine own their hearts upraise,
offering one pure oblation,
one sacrifice of praise:
with thee in blest communion
the living and the dead
are joined in closest union,
one Body with one Head.

O living Bread from heaven,
Jesu, our Saviour good,
who thine own self hast given
to be our souls' true food;
for us thy body broken
hung on the cross of shame:
this bread, its hallowed token,
we break in thy dear name.

O stream of love unending,
poured from the one true vine,
with our weak nature blending
the strength of life divine;
our thankful faith confessing
in thy life-blood outpoured,
we drink this cup of blessing
and praise thy name, O Lord.   

May we, thy word believing,
thee through thy gifts receive, 
that, thou within us living, 
we all to God may live;  
draw us from earth to heaven  
till sin and sorrow cease,  
forgiving and forgiven,  
in love and joy and peace.  

Words: Richard Parsons (1882-1948) 
Music: OFFERTORIUM Michael Haydn (1737-1806)